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SELO Selo established himself as a musician and song writer during the late 2000's, growing up listening to groups like Jodeci, Silk, Blackstreet and Next, you are able to hear a 90's R&B vibe and influence in his music. Selo has become known for his R&B flavored love songs with a variety of features on his albums from Latin artists like MC Magic and Rigo Luna of Nu Flavor to R&B acts like T-Low from the platinum selling group Next.

In 2008 Selo signed to Lil Blacky's label Pimp Rollin Records where he worked on his first solo project titled "Changin' My Ways". Lil Blacky took upon himself to work and critique Selo as an artist. This album featured artists such as Brown Boy, Lil Blacky, Rocky Padilla and the late DTTX of Lighter Shade of Brown.

He released his first solo album in 2009. Between 2010 and 2011 he worked and presented 2 love jam compilations titled "Romancin' You" and "Passionate Affections". These 2 projects includes artists from Zig Zag of NB Ridaz, Brown Boy, David Wade, Rigo Luna of Nu Flavor to DJ Kane of Kumbia Kings.

After this he took a break from the studio to focus on performances and promotions on the road. Doing shows from Arizona to New Mexico and Colorado. It wasn't until the end of 2012 that Selo got back into the studio to start work on new music. He began with the solo album "He's Not Me" where he partnered with Sykk One to produce the entire project. It was here where he really showcased his writing skills as a song writera. While working on this album he started piecing together another love jam compilation titled "Most Requested" where he worked with good friend and producer D. Salas to help produce, arrange and write the lead single "Trade It All For You" which featured MC Magic and D. Salas.


Selo continues to collaborate with many different variations of artists in his latest love jam compilation "Late Night Requests" that includes Dos and Zig Zag of NB Ridaz, Brown Boy, Lil Cuete, Nino Brown, Lil Bandit and Bizz to name a few. Selo continues to have a growing fanbase and make a name for himself through his music.


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